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Negligence and California Car and Truck Accidents

Southern California is famous for many reasons, including its vast network of freeways and bumper-to-bumper traffic. Unfortunately, with dense highway traffic comes a high incidence of motor vehicle accidents. California traffic fatalities increased by 1.5 percent in 2012. The number of deaths jumped to 2,857, from 2,816 deaths the previous year. The negligent causes ranged from alcohol-impaired driving to speeding, distractions and other forms of reckless driving.

Drunk driving fatalities on California roads increased from 774 in 2011 to 802 in 2012, according to the California Office of Traffic Safety.

Distracted drivers, who are often texting while driving, cause rear-end crashes on the I-5, the 405, the 110, the 73, the 55, the 57 and the 91 every day. Fatigued truckers, who have been driving their 18-wheelers across the country before arriving in Orange County or the Los Angeles or Riverside areas, can cause catastrophic highway accidents by falling asleep at the wheel, jackknifing their rig and causing multi-car pile-ups.

Truck Accidents in California

The California Highway Patrol reported there were 235 fatal crashes involving trucks. Even more non-fatal injury-related crashes were reported that year: 5,092. We know truck accidents that cause catastrophic injuries and death can turn lives of victims and surviving family members upside-down. A truck that may be using Interstate 5 or the 405 in Newport Beach may be exceeding the speed limit when the driver loses control and crashes into a smaller vehicle. Such accidents can have grave consequences, in part because big rigs can weigh as much as 80,000 pounds. The trailer may be carrying explosive materials, which can lead to horrific burn injuries.

Newport Beach Traffic Accidents

Newport Beach consistently has been rated as one of the best places to live in the United States. With a population of nearly 250,000 people, the city draws a diverse group of people who want to live and work in Newport Beach. Anyone who drives in Newport Beach knows that traffic can get congested on any of the roads or highways that pass through the city, including California State Route 133 or 241. While the side streets in Newport Beach are designed to handle more cars and trucks than many other Orange County communities, serious rear-end collisions, T-bone crashes and head-on accidents can happen anytime of the day or night.

Traffic accidents in Orange County range from crashes involving motorcycles and bicycles to pedestrian accidents. Motorcycle riders, cyclists and pedestrians are viewed as vulnerable, because they lack the crash protection afforded to occupants of cars and trucks. Attorney Carlton understands how frustrating it can be if you suddenly are coping with a serious injury after you simply were trying to cross a street on foot or if you were enjoying a motorcycle or bicycle ride. The insurance company for the negligent driver often will play hardball with victims. They may offer a quick, lowball settlement or may try to argue that you were at fault and your claim should be denied.

At the Law Offices of Daniel C. Carlton, we take an aggressive stand on behalf of our clients. We present the insurance companies with evidence, including witness statements, police reports and insight from experts. Attorney Carlton is not afraid to take a case to trial, if that's what's necessary to get a client fair compensation.

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