Bicyclists Are Hit By Distracted Drivers Every Day In Orange County

Bicycling is a popular way to get around in our region, particularly with the high cost of gas, congested street traffic and how hard it can be to find a parking space. But bicyclists may be more likely to be hit by a car than pedestrians or even motorcyclists, due to a bicycle's versatility as a means of transportation. In Newport Beach, Costa Mesa, Tustin and Garden Grove, cyclists can ride in the middle of traffic, in bike lanes, on sidewalks, boulevards and limited access highways. The headlines reveal the risks: "Bicyclist Hit In Busy Intersection", "Cyclists Struck Down On Shoulder of Highway" and "Child On Bike Run Over In Crosswalk." As bicyclists ourselves, we know how vulnerable bicyclists are on Orange County's busy streets.

An Aggressive Personal Injury Attorney Who Defends Injured Cyclists

You may be an avid cyclist who only races or does long-distance rides with a cycling group. You might bicycle to work because it's an easier commute. Or perhaps you just bike to the beach or to the park with your family on weekends. Because cyclists can be thrown long distances in a bicycle-auto collision, even when they wear helmets, bicyclists suffer traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, broken bones or concussion. Any bicyclist hit by an uninsured motorist or a driver without enough insurance coverage will have to seek compensation from his or her own insurance company, which can turn into a legal quagmire. We've seen it all-every type of bicyclist injury and insurance debacle-but our success in helping injured cyclists shows our commitment to Orange County's thriving bicycling community.

If you or your child were hit by a reckless, negligent or distracted driver while bicycling, call the Law Offices of Daniel C. Carlton today at (949) 757-0707 or contact us online for a free case evaluation. If you lost a loved one killed while riding a bike, you may have a wrongful death lawsuit. Don't wait-we can help seek compensation so you can begin to recover-physically, financially and emotionally.