A Crash on Interstate-5, the 405, the 710 or the 605 Can Cause Serious Injuries

We all have our strategies for getting to where we need to go on Orange County freeways but sometimes it can seem like one traffic jam after another. And no matter what highway you take, there are collisions, many of them truck accidents that have turned into devastating car wrecks or fatal motorcycle crashes. Whether it's a 405 jack-knife in Newport Beach, a 710 pile-up in Long Beach, a 605 head-on in Lakewood, a Santa Ana Freeway rollover in Anaheim or a Laguna Freeway overturned truck in Tustin, Orange County driving is dangerous.

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Even smaller Orange County highways are hazardous, such as the Foothill Corridor, the Garden Grove Freeway (Route 22), Mesa Freeway (Rte.55), Riverside Freeway and Artesia Freeway (Rte. 91), and the Orange Freeway (Rte. 57). The causes of highway accidents are endless:

  • An overturned big rig could be due to a trucker asleep at the wheel on the 605
  • A speeding tractor-trailer might jack-knife into oncoming traffic on the San Diego Freeway
  • distracted driver looking up GPS directions could cause an SUV rollover on I-5
  • A drunk driver may sideswipe a motorcyclist in a 91 Express Lane
  • A texting teenager could cause a rear-ender on I-5 on the way to Los Angeles

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