Do I Need An Attorney After A Car Accident?

The facts might seem straightforward:  You've been in a car accident that you suspect was caused by somebody else's negligent or careless behavior. You expect that the other driver will admit wrongdoing and that his insurance company will step up and provide you with the compensation you rightfully deserve. You may need compensation for your medical bills, your lost wages, as well as money to pay for damage to your vehicle.

Don't assume everything will go as planned. Even the most straightforward of car accident claims can quickly spiral into complex legal matters that require the assistance of a car accident lawyer in Newport Beach who knows how to protect your rights.

Daniel C. Carlton is a car accident lawyer in Newport Beach who understands that it can be difficult for victims to know what to do after even the smallest of accidents. You might be facing a driver who denies doing anything wrong or an insurance company that says that you're the one who caused the accident. To make matters worse, some drivers might not have insurance or choose to flee the scene of your accident. When your future is at stake, you can't afford to let other side decide for you. Get help now. Contact an experienced car accident lawyer in Newport Beach today to discuss your legal options.

Common types of car accidents in Orange County

The following are just a few examples of circumstances that would call for the assistance of a personal injury lawyer:

- You were involved in a rear-end accident caused by a distracted driver who's sending or receiving a text message.

- You were hit in a head-on collision involving a drunk driver who lost control of her vehicle and crossed the center median.

- You were involved in a highway accident caused by an overturned tractor trailer on Route 91, Route 57, or the Mesa Freeway.

- You were in an accident with an uninsured motorist or the driver fled the scene of the crash, leaving you to deal with a hit-and-run accident.

Can a car accident lawyer Newport Beach help?

Car accidents in Orange County can have consequences that effect you and your loved ones for years. That's why it's critical to contact a car accident attorney in Newport Beach immediately at the Law Offices of Daniel C. Carlton. With over 38 years of experience standing up for the rights of car accident victims in Newport Beach, Huntington Beach, and throughout Orange County, Dan Carlton knows how to build a solid and successful legal strategy on your behalf. He knows how to find the right evidence and ask the right questions and if necessary will interview witnesses and examine reports filed by law enforcement and medical officials. He is prepared to play "hard ball" with the insurance companies so you don't have to. Call the Law Offices of Daniel C. Carlton today at (949) 757-0707 for a free case evaluation and pay nothing until we win your case.