An Orange County Slip and Fall Injury Lawyer Can Fight For Your Rights

"Slip and fall" is the technical term for when a person suffers an injury after he or she slips, falls, trips or stumbles on someone else's property. A slip and fall accident can occur anywhere-on broken floor tiles in a department store at Anaheim Plaza or Newport Beach Spectrum Center, on polished hotel stairs, puddles on a park path, or a neighbor's oil-covered driveway. If you slipped and fell on public property or any property you do not own, the homeowner, business owner or property owner could be held liable for your injuries, including medical treatments, surgeries and physical therapy that your recovery requires. If you can't work after a severe fall injury, the responsible party may have to pay your lost wages as well. If you've been hurt because you slipped and fell, call personal injury attorney Daniel C. Carlton at (949) 757-0707. He can help pursue the guilty property owner's premises liability insurance on your behalf so you can feel better.

If You Slipped and Fell, Call a Relentless Personal Injury Lawyer!

Business owners, homeowners and landlords are considered to be negligent when customers, tenants or visitors slip and fall on their property. The following conditions could result in a slip and fall injury:

  • Low lighting
  • Broken elevators
  • Puddles in parking lots
  • Slippery store entrances
  • Tattered rugs or torn carpets
  • Hazardous construction zones
  • Slipping on a boat and falling into deep water
  • Recently mopped floors and no caution signs
  • Poor maintenance of public paths or sidewalks
  • Safety code violations or breached building codes
  • Dangerous stairways in apartment buildings or shopping malls

Let a Determined Slip and Fall Attorney Pursue Compensation For You

Slip and fall mishaps can cause a wide range of injuries, including a broken pelvis, sprained arm, traumatic head injury, neck pain or torn shoulder ligaments. If you or a loved one slipped and fell on someone else's premises, or if a family member died in a slip and fall wrongful death, contact Daniel C. Carlton today. Your initial consultation is free. Call (949) 757-0707 or contact us online. Every conversation is personalized and confidential. There is no obligation-you pay nothing unless you win! We handle slip and fall cases in the entire Orange County area, including Santa Ana, Garden Grove, Anaheim, Costa Mesa, Lake Forest, Mission Viejo, Laguna Niguel, Newport Beach and Tustin, as well as the Los Angeles and Riverside areas.