A Nuisance Can Devalue Your Commercial Property Investment-Take Action!

A nuisance is any public or private situation, activity or condition that endangers or offends a property's residents, neighbors, passersby or community. A private nuisance exists within a single dwelling, primarily affecting the residents therein, whereas a public nuisance impacts people who are in the greater area surrounding a property. Fire codes, building codes and zoning laws serve to help prevent nuisances from disturbing members of a community. As a property owner, if you are accused of owning a dangerous property or one with tenants breaking the law in some way, you could be liable.

If Your Property Has Tenants Causing an Unlawful Nuisance, Take Legal Action!

Many factors can constitute a nuisance, including:

  • Hazardous Commercial Enterprises - These may disrupt local traffic, cause toxic fumes exposure, create bad smells or include loud machinery or other offensive manufacturing noises.
  • Illegal Activity - Drug dealing and/or manufacturing, storing and/or selling stolen goods, prostitution in commercial warehouse or other property could endanger public safety.
  • Urban Blight - Dilapidated or condemned buildings, properties littered with trash, broken down, rusty cars or unfinished, deteriorating construction projects can all qualify as a nuisance.
  • Risks to Human Health - Septic waste spills, pest infestations that may carry disease, animal droppings, toxic chemicals and stagnant water can produce offensive odors and health risks.

Whether it's criminal activity forcing you to call the police to your property, factory fumes making workers ill or dangerous objects endangering tenants and the public alike, as the property owner you may be penalized, fined or sued for causing a nuisance. Your property may be inspected to find out if you or your tenants are breaking any laws, and though you may only receive a warning, you could be fined or, if illegal activity is happening on your property, you may be arrested. Or you could be a business owner who has been falsely accused of wrongdoing on your property. In all cases, we can help fight for your rights!

Orange County Nuisance Fines or Penalties Need a Tough Real Estate Attorney

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