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Driver Distraction Makes Emergencies Even Riskier

The numbers are mind-blowing, not to mention dangerous. According to a survey by the National Safety Council and the Emergency Responder Council: 71 percent of U.S. drivers take photos or videos of an emergency vehicle on the side of the road. 60 percent post those photos and videos to social media. 66 percent send an...

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What You Should Know About Foodborne Illness In Restaurants: An Orange County Attorney Discusses

When consumers visit their favorite restaurants, one of the last things on their mind is becoming ill - despite the repeated horror stories that have sullied the food industry lately. Catching a foodborne illness can be more serious than you think. In many cases, food poisoning may result in a short bout of stomach cramping,...

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Orange County Attorney Explains What You Should Do If You’re Injured While Visiting Someone’s Home

For most people, the last thing on their mind when visiting someone else's property is the possibility they will get hurt. When injuries happen, they often come as a surprise. In most cases, when someone sustains an injury on someone else's property, it comes down to how well it was maintained.   Whether visiting a premises...

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Efforts To Clean Up Lead Paint Stall In California, Attorney Explains

Children across the southeast of Los Angeles County are exposed to lead from two distinct sources in the region-lead paint in their homes and pollution from a shut-down battery recycling plant. Officials have been aware of the problem for quite some time.   State officials have begun cleanup of the soil around the Exide Technologies plant - California's largest lead cleanup project...

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How California Wildfires Affect Real Estate Insurance

California wildfires pose a threat even to homeowners whose property is safe from the flames. That's because many insurance companies are expected to either not renew policies or to simply stop writing homeowner policies in areas with the highest fire risk, California Insurance Commissioner David Jones recently told The Associated Press. Rate increases also are...

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What You Should Know About Landlord Evictions In Orange County

The eviction process in California - and particularly in Orange County - can seem like an almost automated process, as the Los Angeles Times reported recently. But the truth is that these are highly contentious matters that require an attorney's attention. An eviction procedure may happen at breakneck speed. By law, if a landlord pursues...

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