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Car Accident Injuries Demand Strong Legal Action

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Have you been injured in a car accident in Southern California? Are your hospitalized or at home recovering from your injuries? Perhaps you're unable to return to work or do many of the things you love because of your injury? Don't give up hope. We can help.

Costa Mesa CA car accident attorney Daniel C. Carlton has decades of experience providing compassionate and knowledgeable representation for people facing serious car accident injuries. For more than 40 years, he and his legal team at the Law Offices of Daniel C. Carlton have been fighting for the rights of injury victims throughout Southern California.

He knows that in a flash car wrecks can lead to devastating injuries that can turn your world upside down. From broken bones and internal damage to head and neck problems, injuries sustained in auto accidents can result in months, years or even a lifetime of pain and suffering.

What is your car accident injury?

Injuries sustained in car accidents can cover a wide range. Some of the most common - and most severe - injuries we deal with in Southern California include:

Carlton can help you recover from your accident injury

Car accident injury claims can be complicated. Choosing a lawyer to represent you should be simple. We know how the legal system works in Southern California and what needs to be done to build a strong, legal case. That's why we have such a strong track record of success.

We know you are hurting. We want to help you get the compensation you rightfully deserve so you can recover, physically and financially. Put your trust in a law firm that puts your needs first. Call us today at (949) 757-0707 or contact us online for a free case evaluation about your personal injury. Every discussion is personalized and confidential and you pay nothing unless you win!

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) / Concussions

Many people might think a concussion is not serious, but a brain injury can have a serious impact on someone. Car accidents cause more than half of all traumatic brain injuries (TBIs). Symptoms of a car accident brain injury may be difficult to recognize because victims may sustain such injuries after their head strikes a hard object, such as a windshield or steering wheel. The injury is not always apparent, because the skull may not have been penetrated. That's why it's important for injury victims to seek medical attention as soon as possible. You could have a life-threatening brain injury due to a car accident and not even realize it.

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Broken Neck or Back
Whiplash is one of the most common neck injuries caused by car accidents. Often due to the violent forward and backward motion of the neck - especially in rear-end car accidents - whiplash refers to damage to the soft tissues in the neck. Whiplash might seem straightforward but like many other neck and back injuries caused by car accidents, they can be complicated. Sometimes an injury in the back is a result of damage to the discs and these types of injuries may not be apparent for months after the accident. Broken bones in the neck and back due to a car crash are also common. Depending on the location and severity of the injury, some injury victims can no longer use certain parts of their body.

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Spinal Cord Injury

Damage to the spine from a car accident is one of the most serious types of injuries a victim can sustain. This type of life-altering injury may be a result of the spinal cord being severed, which can result in paralysis. One form of paralysis, paraplegia, refers to the loss of sensation in the lower half of the body. Another form, quadriplegia, refers to paralysis of all four limbs. The physical, financial and emotional toll of such injuries can be staggering. That's why it's important for injury victims and their families to seek legal guidance as soon as possible after their accident.

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Bone Fractures

Broken bones caused by car accidents are a common injury. Some typical fractures may involve injuries to the face or skull, which may occur in a head-on collision. Femur fractures (a break to the thigh bone), may be difficult to repair and require long-term rehabilitation. Other fractures include breaks to the rib, hip, pelvis, wrists and collarbone. While some types of bone breaks are more serious than others, any type of fracture can result in limited motion and may impact the victim's ability to work and perform routine household tasks.

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Cervical Dystonia (Spasmodic Torticollis)

This is a movement disorder that is characterized by involuntary contractions of the neck muscles. Your head may twist or turn to one side uncontrollably. This disorder has no cure. While one type of dystonia has genetic components, another form called acquired dystonia, or secondary dystonia, can result from a car accident.

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Airbag Tinnitus

Airbags sometimes cause serious and fatal injuries because of a product defect. One type of injury involves hearing loss due to deployment of an airbag. Tinnitus is a ringing or buzzing in the ears that may become permanent after an accident involving airbag deployment. Such injuries can be very complicated from a legal standpoint. That's because you will likely need to take legal action against an auto manufacturer or the maker of a specific auto part. Either way, you can expect a tough legal battle. That's why it's important that you have an experienced, car accident attorney on your side, defending your rights.

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Other Ear Injuries

The force of impact from a car accident can result in damage to the inner ear. Sometimes, such injuries may be related to a brain injury. If you hit your head against an object in a car accident, you may sustain trauma to the inner ear. This not only may impact your hearing, but may have affect your ability to balance. Symptoms include vertigo (feels like the room is spinning), dizziness or unsteadiness on your feet.

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Internal Organ Damage

Internal injuries, such as damage to the spleen, lungs, liver, heart and other essential organs, may result from an auto accident. Often, a rib fracture may cause an internal injury, such as a punctured lung. These types of injuries may not be immediately apparent, which is why it's critical to get prompt medical attention after a car wreck.

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One of the most frightening types of car accident injuries, a coma can happen in an accident in which a victim suffers a hypoxic event, a condition in which the brain is deprived of oxygen. A coma can result in long-term and expensive hospitalization. Recovery can be difficult. The future may be unclear and scary for family members. Car accident attorney Dan Carlton and his legal team can help by fighting for the money you need to pay medical bills and cover other expenses. That way, your family can focus on what really matters - caring for your loved one.

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