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Avoid Drunk Driving to Reduce Orange County Car Accidents During Football Season

Orange County car accident attorneyFootball season has arrived and fans throughout Orange County may be enjoying games played by the San Diego Chargers, the Oakland Raiders, the San Francisco 49ers, or college teams including the Trojans and Bruins. Whatever teams you like to follow, it is important to remember to stay safe and avoid getting behind the wheel impaired after watching the game.

Football season is a time of more drunk driving accidents, because so many fans consume alcoholic beverages and then drive home. You should make sure to enjoy your football games responsibly this season so you do not endanger yourself or others.

Avoid Orange County Car Accidents Caused by DWI

According to ABC News, one fan out of every 12 who attends a football game leaves the stadium after consuming so much alcohol he is considered legally drunk.

Researchers conducted an anonymous survey and administered breathalyzers to football fans. The researchers found one in four tailgaters had consumed at least five alcoholic beverages. Some of the tailgaters had consumed 6.6 drinks and had the highest BACs of any of the respondents tested.

If you go the game and plan to tailgate, you are at even greater risk of drinking too much to drive safely. Tailgaters were 14 times as likely to leave a game legally drunk as compared with people who did not tailgate.  Younger fans, too, presented a greater risk of impairment, as fans 35 and under were eight times as likely as older fans to be legally impaired.

When you consume this much alcohol, it is easy to lose track of how impaired you actually are. This is especially true if you are distracted by the game when drinking or if you drink the alcohol over a period of multiple hours as you tailgate and then watch the football match.

To make sure you stay safe and to reduce the chances of causing an impaired driving accident leading to injury, follow some basic safety tips, including suggestions for avoiding rashes recommended by the Department of Transportation. Safety tips include:

  • Lining up a designated driver before you begin drinking.
  • Providing non-alcoholic drinks for designated drivers who are attending tailgating events with you, such as soda or juice.
  • Making sure the designated driver does not consume any alcohol, and having a backup plan in case the designated driver does end up drinking.
  • Taking keys away from friends or family members who you believe are about to drive when impaired after consuming too much alcohol at a football game.

Fans can enjoy tailgating and even can enjoy drinking responsibly while watching, but must do so in a smart and safe way.  If you make safe choices when it comes to alcohol consumption, you can help to reduce the risk of car accidents during football season and beyond. 

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