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Tragic Loss in Fatal California Motorcycle Accident

Orange County motorcycle accidentMotorcycle accident fatalities are surging in the United States. Governors' Highway Safety Administration reported there were 10 percent more deaths among motorcycle riders in 2014 than compared to just a year before. The high death rate among motorcycle riders can be explained by several factors including an increase in road traffic and an increase in motorcycle riding due to an improving economy and low gas prices.

Whenever a motorcycle accident happens, the loss from the collision can be substantial. This is especially true when a person passes away due to the injuries sustained in a motorcycle collision. The person who is killed in the collision loses all of his or her future potential, and the victim's family members lose the important relationship they had.

Recently, the father of a young teen who died in a motorcycle accident in California explained first-hand the scope of his loss as he described how he will not get to see where his young son's path will lead.

The Register Guard described the tragic accident in California which led to the death of an 18-year-old motorcycle rider. The father of the young man spoke to the newspaper and indicated his son had been taking college classes and had been working, so his son finally purchased the motorcycle he had wanted for a long time. Unfortunately, the young man was involved in an accident while he was riding and he lost his life in the collision.

The victim's father explained how the family was coping with the loss of the son, "It's hard for me and my family. But I know that he had never been happier with who he was and where he was in his life. And the hard part is just not being able to see where that path was going to lead.""

Unfortunately, it is the loss of this future which is so hard for family members to cope with when a motorcycle accident happens and causes a death. Not only can loved ones of a deceased accident victim be left with medical bills and with funeral costs, but they are also without the relationship which was such an important part of their life.

If the person killed was a breadwinner, the stress of being without a loved one can also be compounded by financial worries, since surviving family members will no longer have income coming in from the person who died.

When there is a driver or other third party responsible for causing the fatal motorcycle accident, the victim's family can pursue a wrongful death claim. In recognition of the loss of the important relationship and the future potential of the deceased, the law not only allows family members to recover for financial losses but also to recover for lost companionship as well.

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