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Motorcycle Accident Injuries Can Be More Serious Than Expected

Orange County motorcycle accidentMotorcycle accidents are more likely than car accidents to result in the motorcyclist being seriously hurt or even being killed in the collision. Unfortunately, sometimes the severity of a motorcycle accident does not become apparent immediately and victims end up suffering worse symptoms than they thought they would suffer.

Because symptoms can sometimes manifest after the fact, it is important for everyone hurt in motorcycle accidents to get prompt medical help so they can get a full exam and have all accident-related conditions diagnosed.  It is also important for victims to wait to make decisions on settling motorcycle accident claims until they are aware of the full extent of injuries and damages which they sustained in the collision. One recent tragic motorcycle accident in California illustrates the tragic outcomes which are possible when it turns out a motorcycle accident is more serious than expected.

The recent motorcycle accident, which was reported on by the OC Register, tells the tragic story of an accident death which has left family members wondering what happened. The 46-year-old victim who was killed in the collision was a Newport Beach entrepreneur who was riding his motorcycle on Bristol Street in the far right length. He was heading north, riding next to a man in a Toyota 4Runner which was one lane over. The driver of an Infiniti G35 was also riding in another lane next to the motorcycle and 4Runner.

A Ford F-350 driver who was heading west on Campus Drive ran a red light at Bristol street, crashing into the motorcyclist and sending the motorcyclist through the car window of the Toyota 4Runner. The 4Runner flipped over with the motorcycle rider inside, and the car hit the Infiniti. The motorcycle rider was trapped inside of the 4Runner until the fire department freed him.

Although the accident seemed very serious, initially it appeared the motorcyclist had escaped relatively unscathed. In the hours following the accident, the motorcycle rider was walking around and was talking without a problem, even after his terrible ordeal.  Law enforcement indicated his injuries were not considered to be bad at all, but he was still taken to Western Medical Center in Santa Ana to be checked out.

Unfortunately, around three hours later, the man died.  The specific cause of his death could not immediately be determined, but an autopsy and lab testing was being conducted in order to try to identify what had happened to the man.

The tragic incident illustrates that even if someone appears to be fine and walking around after a motorcycle accident or other collision, this does not mean there is not a serious medical problem which is simply not manifesting symptoms right away. Motorists need to be aware of the risks and get prompt medical help to find out if they have health issues caused by the crash.


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