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Personal Injuries at Newport Beach Retail Locations During the Holidays

Orange County personal injuryMany Orange County residents are familiar with the hectic shopping trips in the bustle of the busy holiday season. What is less commonly known is that large crowds and high inventory can contribute to personal injuries during holiday shopping trips. Slip-and-fall injuries, parking lot car accidents, falling decorations and many other hazards can all increase during the hectic holiday shopping season. By consulting with a Newport Beach personal injury attorney as soon as possible after any holiday shopping injury, victims will have better access to compensation for their injuries.

Unintentional violence in the midst of holiday shopping

Unfortunately, shopping injuries can also be inflicted as the result of violence. This is what caused a woman and her 12-year-old son to sustain gunshot wounds a mere two days after Black Friday 2017. According to CBS New York, a man discharged a round from a handgun into the floor of a New York shopping mall. Police were not able to determine whether the shots were fired accidentally or deliberately. Thousands of shoppers were evacuated while the mall was placed on lock-down by heavily-armored police officers. Hours later, police still found terrified shoppers hiding in locked-down stores.

Worse still, this was not the only shooting incident over the Black Friday weekend. A Thanksgiving Day shooting left a 19-year-old Missouri shopper with life-threatening injuries. Fox News reports that a man was attempting to holster his gun outside the Columbia Mall in Columbia, Missouri. The weapon discharged and inflicted a serious gunshot wound on the teenage victim. Once again, police were unable to determine whether the shooting was accidental or deliberate, and no arrests were made in the immediate aftermath of the incident.

Crime during Black Friday holiday shopping is not a new problem, and many law enforcement agencies actually prepare for the event. According to KSDK, the Alton, Illinois police department upped the number of duty officers over the Black Friday weekend in order to increase patrols and deter crime during shopping. Such provisions underscore the importance of maintaining vigilance about one's personal safety in hectic holiday shopping situations.

California personal injury victims have legal rights

California law entitles personal injury victims to compensation for their financial losses. The person or company who is responsible for compensating injuries will depend upon the specific facts of your particular injury. In the case of gun violence, a mall's management or security company may be legally responsible for injuries which occur as a result of inadequate security measures or safety precautions.

Parking lot traffic accidents, on the other hand, may occur as a result of a driver's violation of California traffic statutes. Section 21800 of the California Vehicle Code governs the right-of-way in various traffic scenarios. Violation of these rules can lead a driver to be found negligent and therefore responsible for compensating injuries which occur as a result of irresponsible or reckless behavior. Because these determinations are so dependent upon the particular circumstances of an injury, it is important to seek experienced legal advice after sustaining an injury. A Newport Beach personal injury lawyer can help you determine what legal rights you may have after a holiday shopping personal injury.

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