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Tips To Prevent Newport Beach Rear End Crashes

Orange County car accident attorneyThe University of North Carolina conducted an in-depth study of motor vehicle accidents in multiple states throughout the country. The study found that rear-end crashes accounted for between 27.5 and 43.2 percent of collisions.

In Newport Beach, drivers can take steps to try to prevent these rear-end accidents from happening. A rear-end accident lawyer knows that many of these collisions occur due to the negligence of motorists who make careless choices on the road.

Prevention of Rear-End Accidents

Wheels provides 10 steps that you can take as a driver to try to avoid hitting the rear of another vehicle, or being struck from behind in your own car. These tips include:

  1. Looking far ahead up the road. This gives you more time to prepare if you are approaching an area where you need to stop, reducing the chances of needing to slam on your brakes.
  2. Checking your mirrors often. You should look in the mirror to see what the driver behind you is doing around once every five to eight seconds.
  3. Not letting yourself become distracted. You need to pay attention and avoid texting or using other electronic devices that could cause you not to notice an obstacle in your path.
  4. Finding an out in case a driver behind you isn't paying attention. You should look around when you come to a stop to see if there is a road shoulder or other place you can go to get out of the way if a car is approaching yours and not stopping.
  5. Gradually slowing and stopping when approach an intersection or stop sign. If you try to stop too abruptly, the car behind you may not have time to react.
  6. Leaving several vehicle lengths when you come to a stop. Don't pull right up to the car that is in front of you because you will have nowhere to go if someone behind you is about to hit your vehicle.
  7. Avoiding hitting the brakes harder if you get hit. This is a natural instinct, but it can actually make things worse. Instead, steer the vehicle in the direction where you want the car to go when someone hits you.
  8. Making sure you have working brake lights. You need brake lights to alert the driver behind you of what your plans are for slowing and stopping.
  9. Avoiding tailgating. Leave a minimum of four seconds between your car and the vehicle in the front of your car (more in bad weather or when visibility is impeded).
  10. Being safe when others are tailgating you. You should typically try to let people who are tailgating you get around you at the first possible opportunity to do so safely so you don't end up getting hit by them.

If every driver follows these basic tips and focuses on road safety, hopefully it will be possible to significantly reduce the number of rear-end crashes that occur.

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