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Why Seek Medical Attention after an Orange County Rear-End Crash?

Orange County car accident attorneyAfter a rear-end crash, it is a smart choice to seek medical attention. You should get medical help even if you don't think you got badly hurt because you want to get checked out and find out if there are any internal injuries which don't manifest symptoms right away.  Injuries appearing minor at first could also turn out to be a big deal later, especially if the injuries don't heal.

By seeking a doctor's diagnosis right away, you can get an accurate diagnosis and ensure medical records are kept. These medical records and the proof of injuries the doctor can provide can help you if you decide to want to pursue a claim for car accident compensation.

Why You Should Seek Medical Attention After a Rear-End Crash in Orange County

Car accidents can cause significant financial hardship to individuals involved in accidents and to those whose loved one are killed in collisions.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimate the cost of car crashes in California in a single year at $4.48 billion, with the bulk of this cost coming from lost productivity. Each year, around $38 million in actual medical expenditures occur for Californians as a result of a collision. For those in passenger vehicles alone, $966 million in losses happen annually.

Rear-end crashes are among the most common types of on the road, so a good number of the deadly collisions and the accidents causing serious injury occur because of rear-end crashes.  A driver who rear-ends another could push the car into oncoming traffic, could simply jostle its occupants, or could injure occupants in a number of other ways. The financial damages from this type of accident could include not only medical bills, but also a loss of earning potential, including money that will not be earned in the future due to the injury. The driver who caused the crash should have to pay for all that.

Usually, the driver in the rear is assumed to have caused the accident, since the law requires drivers to maintain a safe distance from their car to the lead car. If a driver hit the lead car, obviously a safe distance was not kept. California is a fault state, which means the driver in the rear (or his insurer) is responsible for paying all economic and non-financial losses from crashes. The key is, victims have to be abel to prove injuries actually happened as a direct result of the crash.

Going to the doctor and getting medical attention right away is an important part of being able to prove an accident case. Your doctor can keep records of what happened, can document and photograph injuries, and can provide strong evidence the injuries actually occurred due to the accident. You'll need this to get the treatments for those injuries paid for, as well as to make a successful claim for other economic and non-compensatory damages.

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