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"Slip and fall" is the technical term for when a person suffers an injury after he or she slips, falls, trips or stumbles on someone else's property. A slip and fall accident can occur anywhere in California - on broken floor tiles in a department store, on polished hotel stairs, puddles on a park path, or a neighbor's oil-covered driveway.

If you slipped and fell on public property or any property you do not own, the homeowner, business owner or property owner could be held liable for your injuries, including medical care, surgery and physical therapy for your injuries. That's because slip and fall accidents fall under premises accident laws in California.

If you can't work after a severe fall in Southern California, the responsible party may have to pay your lost wages as well. If you've been hurt because you slipped and fell, call Orange County slip and fall accident attorney Daniel C. Carlton. The legal team at the Law Offices of Daniel C. Carlton can help you pursue a claim with the guilty property owner's premises liability insurance on your behalf so you can get the care and support you deserve.

Common Causes

Business owners, homeowners and landlords are considered to be negligent when customers, tenants or visitors slip and fall on their property. The following conditions could result in a slip and fall injury:

Your Injury Matters Here

Slip and fall mishaps can cause a wide range of injuries, including a broken pelvis, sprained arm, traumatic head injury, neck pain or torn shoulder ligaments. If you or a loved one slipped and fell on someone else's premises in Orange County, contact our law firm today.

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Low lighting

Property owners need to make sure there's adequate lighting in stairways, parking lots, hallways and other public places. Otherwise, slip and fall accidents can easily occur due to poor lighting. If you or a loved one sustained an injury because you could not see a hazardous object, you may be able to obtain financial compensation for your medical bills and other accident-related expenses.

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Broken elevators

Elevators need to be regularly inspected and properly maintained. Otherwise, people can sustain a serious injury or even die as a result of an accident involving a broken elevator. Strict rules, regulations and building codes exist in California governing elevators. Talk to an attorney at our law firm if you or a loved one sustained a serious injury because of a broken elevator.

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Puddles in parking lots

Proper drainage is critical in public places such as parking lots. If water cannot drain properly from the parking lot, puddles can form and create a hazardous situation for pedestrians, cyclists and other people that use the lot. In particular, parking lot puddles can cause slip and fall accidents that result in serious injuries.

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Slippery store entrances

Retail stores, restaurants and other commercial businesses need to make sure the entrances and exits to their establishments do not have any slippery surfaces that could result in a slip, trip or fall accident. Hazardous, slippery conditions can occur for many reasons, including waxed floors, spilled water or other liquids on the floor.

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Tattered rugs or torn carpets

Torn carpets or rugs can create extremely hazardous conditions that result in slip and fall accidents. And what's so frustrating about these accidents is they can easily be prevented. All property owners need to do is make sure their carpets or rugs are not torn or tattered. They also have a responsibility to repair any damaged carpets or rugs right away in order to prevent a serious slip, trip or fall accident that results in a serious injury.

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Hazardous construction zones

Construction zones can be dangerous places for many reasons, including unmarked hazards or obstacles that result in slip, trip or fall accidents. Pedestrians and workers in Southern California can be vulnerable to sustaining a serious slip and fall injury in a hazardous construction zone. That's why it's critical that construction companies make sure their sites are safe and free of all potential hazards - or to clearly mark any hazards that cannot be easily removed.

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Slipping on a boat and falling into deep water

People in Southern California routinely ride ferries, charter boats and other commercial vessels. Most of the time, riding on a boat in Southern California is a pleasurable experience. But all it takes is one small slip or trip on a slippery boat surface to fall down or even fall off the boat. When this happens, the boating company or boat owner can be held responsible for such a serious accident.

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Recently mopped floors and no caution signs

Janitors, custodians and other maintenance workers routinely mop floors in stores, restaurants and other commercial properties. But when they do so, they need to make sure they clearly mark the spot that was just cleaned so everyone is aware that the floor is slippery and can be hazardous. Unfortunately, not everyone takes the time to clearly mark such a hazardous situation, sometimes resulting in a slip and fall accident.

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Poor maintenance of public paths or sidewalks

Sidewalks and public paths need to be properly maintained. If there are obvious cracks or the pavement has become uneven, the property owner or government agency responsible for maintaining the path or sidewalk must immediately repair the hazardous portion or clearly mark it so people do not trip and fall there. Failure to make such necessary repairs or clearly mark such hazardous conditions constitutes negligence. And if you were hurt in such a situation, you may have a legitimate legal case.

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Safety code violations or breached building codes

California has strict building codes for a reason - to protect the public from potentially hazardous situations that can result in serious injuries. Construction companies or building owners who violate safety codes or building codes put everyone at risk. That's why it's important to take legal action right away if you or a loved one was injured in a slip, trip or fall accident caused by hazardous conditions that violate California's building codes.

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Dangerous stairways in apartment buildings or shopping malls

Apartment buildings and shopping malls in Southern California can be dangerous places, particularly when it comes to stairways. Whether it's an unmarked hazard or poor lighting, all it takes is one wrong step to cause a slip and fall accident that results in a serious injury. Often, these accidents could have been prevented if property owners had properly maintained the property or clearly marked a hazardous location. If you were hurt due to a dangerous stairway in a shopping mall or apartment building, contact us. You can count on Carlton in a crisis.

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