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Real estate disputes in Southern California need to be addressed right away. Otherwise, they can quickly spiral out of control. And with so much money often at stake, it's critical that you understand all the legal options available to you. That's why it's important that you meet with a real estate attorney who fully understands California's complex real estate laws.

In Orange County, real estate attorney Daniel C. Carlton has a well-earned reputation for being a top-notch lawyer who knows real estate law inside and out.

A lifelong resident of Southern California, attorney Carlton has more than 40 years of experience as an attorney. He has also worked as a Realtor and continues to remain active in real estate organizations in California. Attorney Carlton's powerful combination of skills and experience sets the Law Offices of Daniel C. Carlton apart from many other law firms in Southern California. That's why you want attorney Carlton and his knowledgeable legal team on your side if you're dealing with a complicated real estate dispute.

Cases We Handle

Real estate disputes can occur for many different reasons. Whatever type of legal issue you're dealing with in Southern California, we want to work with you to resolve your problem in a positive, efficient manner. Some of the disputes we regularly deal with include:

In addition, our law firm works with people and businesses who need assistance with the following types of cases:

Don't wait to take legal action. In some cases, a delay could jeopardize an important real estate transaction or have a negative financial impact on your home, business or another property. That's why we advise you to meet with us at your earliest convenience.

How We Can Help

Real estate disputes often involve two parties that cannot agree on a specific real estate matter. And in almost every case, you can count on the other party having a real estate lawyer on their side. That's one of the reasons why you need to make sure you have an experienced, California real estate attorney working for you who will look out for your best interests.

But hiring a lawyer is not just about reacting to someone else's actions. It's about making sure you fully understand all the legal options available to you. And once you understand those options, you need someone who knows how to execute your plan and has a history of achieving positive results.

Orange County real estate attorney Daniel C. Carlton knows how to resolve difficult real estate disputes. That's what he's been doing for more than 40 years in Southern California. That's why you need him working for you. He knows what approach to take to produce successful results, and has a strong track record of success.

Level the playing field. Contact our law firm and schedule an appointment with an AV-Rated Preeminent real estate lawyer. Contact attorney Daniel C. Carlton today. He can meet with you in his Costa Mesa, California office or wherever's convenient for you.

Residential Real Estate Disputes

Disputes often arise involving real estate transactions in Newport Beach, California. Many problems involving residents concern real estate boundary disputes, in which both parties cannot agree on the exact location of the property line. Other disputes we often deal with at our law firm involve:

  • Property owners failing to disclose legally-required issues before finalizing sale.
  • Appraisal disputes (both sides fail to agree on appraised value of property)
  • Real estate fraud (fraudulent mortgage documents, loan agreements, etc.)
  • Discrimination by real estate brokers, mortgage companies, etc.

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Commercial Lease Disputes

Leasing a commercial property in Orange County, California can be a very complicated, expensive process. That's why it's critical that you avoid any conflicts when signing a commercial lease agreement or during the terms of your contract. Common causes of commercial real estate disputes include:

  • Breach of contract (Often occurs when one party fails to abide by the terms of an existing commercial real estate contract)
  • Fraud (Person buying or selling commercial property falsifies documents, fails to disclose legally-required information, etc.)
  • Disputes between co-owners (Commercial properties often involve several owners. If those co-owners disagree about important legal matters, such disputes can quickly escalate.)
  • Disputes involving contractors (Many commercial properties need to be physically renovated or modified. Such work might be part of the lease agreement. Sometimes, disputes arise over the quality of the work or failure to make such improvements.)

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Commercial Lease Counseling and Drafting

Before you finalize a commercial lease agreement, it's important to make sure you fully understand all the terms and conditions outlined in this legally-binding document. Attorney Dan Carlton can review your lease agreement with you and offer you advice and suggestions for improving your agreement. Remember, once you sign a commercial lease, you may need to abide by the rules outlined in this agreement for several years. We can help you review and draft a commercial lease agreement that meets your needs and addresses all your concerns.

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Leasing Disputes

If you're leasing a property (whether it's commercial or residential), it's important to make sure you fully understand your lease agreement and agree with everything in the document before signing it. But even when you do so, lease disputes can still arise between landlords and tenants. Common leasing disputes involve:

  • Landlord fails to properly maintain property
  • Landlord fails to disclose problems with property
  • Tenant causes extensive damage to property
  • Tenant consistently fails to pay rent

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Financing Disputes

Buying or selling a commercial or residential property in Orange County, California can be a complicated process. And since many properties in this part of Southern California can be extremely valuable, it's important to make sure you fully understand and agree to all of the terms outlined in your financing agreement. Otherwise, disputes involving financing can derail a potential purchase or sale agreement. We can help you review any preliminary or existing financing agreements if you're involved in a dispute. We can also represent you and make sure your best interests are taken into consideration.

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Eviction and Landlord/Tenant Matters

Evicting a tenant is a complicated, serious legal matter. Whether you're a landlord or a tenant, it's important that you understand your legal rights and how the process works in California. Real estate attorney Dan Carlton can work with you every step of the way. If you're a tenant being wrongly convicted, he can represent you and gather evidence documenting why you're being unjustly evicted from your residential or commercial property. Attorney Carlton has also represented landlords dealing with tenants who cause extensive damage to properties, stop paying the rent or fail to abide by other terms of their rental agreement.

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Lease Assignment/Subletting

There are subtle differences between "lease assignment agreements" and "lease subletting agreements." A lease assignment agreement involves transferring the rights and obligations from one tenant to another. A lease subletting agreement allows the original tenant to return to property in the future under the existing terms of the lease, while giving use of the property to another tenant temporarily for a specified period of time. Whatever type of agreement you're dealing with in Orange County, we can assist you every step of the way.

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Mortgage Disputes

Most people or businesses obtain a mortgage to purchase a property in Orange County, California. That's why mortgage disputes need to be taken seriously. Otherwise, the purchase or sale of a property could be jeopardized due to a mortgage dispute. Many mortgage disputes often involve the lender and the person trying to obtain a mortgage. Such disputes can include allegations of discrimination, predatory lending or disputes involving the borrower's credit rating or ability to purchase a property. Mortgage disputes can also involve mortgage fraud, fraudulent loan documents or a wide range of disputes involving mortgage applications. Don't underestimate the complexity of your problem. Contact Dan Carlton and learn more about all your legal options.

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