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Partnership and Joint Venture Disputes

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Disagreements involving joint ventures or partnerships in real estate transactions can be complicated. Often, several different parties are involved in such real estate disputes. And if you don't have an experienced attorney representing you, your best interests might not receive the attention they rightfully deserve.

In Southern California, property owners trust Orange County real estate attorney Daniel C. Carlton to defend their legal rights. For more than 40 years, attorney Carlton and his talented legal team at Law Offices of Daniel C. Carlton have been working with people just like you dealing with disputes involving joint venture disputes.

Attorney Carlton thoroughly understands California's real estate laws. A licensed Realtor, attorney Carlton brings an in-depth perspective to every case he handles in Southern California. He knows how the legal system works and what strategies work best for a successful outcome.

Common Disputes

Joint ventures and partnerships in real estate often involve several different parties investing in the same real estate project. In terms of a joint venture project, two or more companies often create a new company, in which money, personnel and other resources are shared for mutual benefit.

Unfortunately, problems often arise involving partnerships or joint ventures. Common disputes include:

  • Failing to honor a partnership agreement
  • Disagreement over language in a partnership agreement
  • Failing to distribute profits as outlined in a partnership agreement
  • Embezzling funds
  • Failing to disclose financial difficulties to fellow partners
  • Disputes over taxes involving a partnership agreement

Whatever issue you're dealing with, don't wait to take action. Contact us and learn more about all your legal options.

Why Choose Us

Timing is everything in real estate. And that's especially true when it comes to disputes involving business partners in real estate matters. If you don't take decisive legal action, you could be severely affected financially. And if one of your partners has broken the law, you could even be accused in violating state or federal law and face fines or prosecution yourself.

Make sure you protect your rights. Make sure you make an appointment with attorney Daniel C. Carlton as soon as possible. He can review your case with you and explain the best course of action for resolving your legal matter. And if you need to go to court, he's prepared to represent you and take whatever legal action is necessary.

Real estate partnerships can be complicated. So can the disputes involving them. Don't try to tackle your difficult legal problems on your own. Turn to the Orange County real estate attorney people trust to make things right. Contact the Law Offices of Daniel C. Carlton today.

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