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Specific Performance Real Estate Issues

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Real estate transactions are rarely straightforward, particularly in Southern California. Sellers may try to back out because another potential buyer offered more money for the property. Buyers may break contracts and not pay what they owe on a property.

In such cases, a court-ordered legal remedy available to both parties is called "specific performance." This solution forces one of the parties involved in the purchase and sales negotiation problem to follow through on what he or she agreed to do in the property sale agreement.

Negotiating a specific performance agreement to enforce a real estate contract can be complicated. That's why it's critical that you have a California attorney who knows how the process works on your side. That's why you need the Law Offices of Daniel C. Carlton.

Common Causes

A long list of property sale delays and obstacles can arise: Seller's remorse, a defaulting buyer who backed out of a real estate deal due to fear of a slow economy, a survey of a parcel of land shows it has less acreage than listed on the purchase contract, a commercial building has undisclosed construction defects such as black mold so it can't be rented, a dishonest buyer lied about his finances on loan application or her down payment check bounced.

There are many property sale problems that can oblige the court to make specific performance demands, whether it's a buyer's remedy or seller's remedy. In some cases, a monetary payment must be made to satisfy specific performance demands - such as following through with a contractually agreed purchase. In other breach of contract issues, the courts force the property title to be conveyed to the buyer by a reluctant seller.

In other cases, hazardous building materials must be replaced before the property transfer goes through. Or the court may allow "lis pendens," or "suit pending," wherein litigation is recorded against the deed of the seller's property in order to force a resolution to the real estate problem.

Count On Carlton in a Crisis

Don't jeopardize your commercial property investment or suffer the financial devastation of real estate negligence. Let us help you find the right solution if your real estate transaction went bad. Call the Law Offices of Daniel C. Carlton today at (949) 757-0707 or contact us online.

Attorney Carlton has handled specific performance real estate issues from both sides. Whether you're a buyer or a seller, Carlton can make sure your rights are respected. If necessary, he's prepared to go to court for you and demand the justice you deserve. And because he's a licensed Realtor with more than 40 years of legal experience in Southern California, attorney Carlton brings an unparalleled level of knowledge and expertise to every case he handles.

Don't underestimate the complexity of your real estate dispute. Thousands or millions of dollars could be on the line. You can't afford to wait to take action. That's why we want to meet with you. We can explain all the legal options available to you, then help you pursue the one that makes the most sense for your specific real estate issue.

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